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Our Technology

At Bagley Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge procedures to provide you with an effective, comfortable, and easy experience. Some of this technology includes digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and ultrasonic scalers.

Digital X-rays

Dentist reviewing a digital xrayDigital x-rays are one of the best new advances in dental technology. Some of the advantages include:
•  Radiation reduction - Digital image receptors require less quantity of radiation to produce a diagnostic image. The receptors are much more sensitive to low levels of radiation than film radiographs. The amount of radiation is reduced by 70%!
•  Easy diagnosis - Digital x-rays have made it much easier to diagnose certain oral health complications. The faster we can diagnose the problem, the faster we can begin treatment.
•  Quick results - With digital x-rays, the results are displayed on our screen almost instantly. We no longer have to wait for a film x-ray to develop.
•  High Accuracy - Digital x-rays can be enlarged on our computer screen. This makes it much easier to accurately diagnose minor problems. Traditional x-rays can only be viewed in actual size.
•  Greener technology - Digital x-rays are just that, digital! This means that your records can be stored and shared with computer technology. Traditional film x-rays have to be processed using certain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. They also have to be physically shipped, which can delay your treatment.

Intraoral Cameras

Most patients are familiar with the use of video and photography in medicine. The improvement of intraoral photography is one of the largest developments in recent years. We use an intraoral camera to diagnose oral health complications and take digital impressions. A digital impression eliminates the need for goopy, messy impression materials. Many patients find a digital impression to be a much more comfortable experience.

The intraoral camera also enables you and our staff to see your mouth in real time using chair-side monitors. Because the camera is on a wand, we can reach areas of the mouth that you may not normally see. The images captured by the camera can also be magnified on our screen to provide a more accurate image of your teeth and gum tissues. Intraoral cameras help us diagnose minor cracks, holes, and chips better than ever before.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Intraoral camera and monitorUltrasonic scalers have revolutionized the way we treat periodontal (gum) disease. An ultrasonic scaler is a crystal driven instrument that produces high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations produce bubbles that form and collapse on the surfaces of your teeth. As the bubbles implode on your teeth, they break up plaque and tartar deposits. The vibrations also destroy the biofilm that leads to plaque, and the bacteria that causes cavities and periodontal disease.

We use an ultrasonic scaler during a procedure known as scaling and root planing. We may recommend this procedure if you show signs of periodontal disease. An ultrasonic scaler can make this procedure much more comfortable and effective when compared to a regular scaling instrument.

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